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Welcome to the

Kleine Nachtrevue

the theater of exposure – a place of sharp-tongued words, ambiguous lyrics and also a stronghold of stripped clothes
Kleine Nachtrevue has been existing for 30 years.

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Kleine Nachtrevue will be open through the end of the year Dec. 22/23 and 29/30 staging our Gender Bender Deluxe Burlesque show.
Christmas and New Year’s Eve we’re closed.
We wish all our guests a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Any more Questions? Read our FAQs

  • How can I make a reservation?
    You can simply reserve tickets using the form you find on the event page. The tickets will be set aside for you and can be collected at the door.
  • How much does the Ticket to the show costs?
    Admission for theater  FRI & SAT

    1st Category 40,-€
    2nd Category 35,-€
    3rd Category 30,-€
  • Is a special dresscode required?
    No. Dress as you like.
  • What time is the the show?
    Kleine Nachtrevue is open FRI & SAT from 20:00 The show starts at 21:00 and ends approximately at. 23:00 The bar is open till 00:30.
  • What's the price range for the drinks?
    Normal Berlin Theater prices 1 Beer 0,33l €4,- 1 Gl. Water 0,2l €3,- 1 Glas Wine 0.2l  from €6,- Longdrinks 0,4cl alc. from € 7,50
  • Can I pay with credit card/smartphone?
    Sorry, no. We accept cash only.
  • How long is it allowed to stay after the show?
    After the show on FRI & SAT, you can still enjoy the theater and some drinks till 00:30.-
  • Is smoking allowed?
    Smoking is not allowed in Kleine Nachtrevue. You can find a smoker's spot in front of the door.